Friday, 22 June 2012

Ladybird Cushion, London and Norfolk

I've not been around for the last week, hence no new posts. I've been to London to visit my daughter and husband and I took this cushion for them. The ladybird and flower was a screen print which I had done some time ago, but my daughter said she liked it so I thought I would 'do' something with it. I made a stencil out of an A4 plastic pocket and used a hand made screen to make the print. The screen was made from a wooden frame and some old plain net curtain. I beaded the spots and eye and then quilted it with wadding and backing fabric. Then I used wonder under to attach it to some vintage fabric and finished with hand embroidery [knotted cretan] around the edges to make sure it will stay on. And then made it into a cushion.
While we were in London we went to the Natural History Museum - I love looking at the building, both in and out as much as the things in it. The decorative ceiling for instance, click for a better view [although the photo is not the best you will get a good idea of how intricate it is].
This rabbit was part of the staircase.

We also walked around the Westminster area, I couldn't resist a photo taken through the railings of the Houses of Parliament.
I have and will be putting more photos on flickr

We had a couple of rain-free beautiful sunny warm days! in Norfolk after visiting London, this scene was at Happisburgh.
Back home and its raining again........

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  1. Hello Lin. I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Your cushion is fabulous! Very inspiring. I loved the framing of your parliament photo ... like I was peeking in on something forbidden. The building is so intricate and beautiful. Thanks for the lovely escape to London.


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