Thursday, 28 June 2012


The stitch this week is palestrina stitch. In my stitch book it is called double knot stitch and  believe it is known by other names too.
The blue fabric is painted fabric, a monoprint I did using the gel printing plate. It is stitched to another painted fabric, I used a rolling stamp for decoration. I've used the palestrina stitch for the sea plants as well as some of the fish. Other embroidered stitches include French Knots, running stitch, back stitch. This is another page for my fabric journal and I've used blanket stitch around the edges to join it together with another page on the other side.


  1. so bold and beautiful~!
    you've really used this stitch very creatively.


  2. I't great to see the different uses for the Palestrina. I like the fish scales. I also like your gel background.

  3. I could not find a place to comment on your achievements from secondary school onward, so will say here, Congratulations on every one.
    You are making great use of your learning.


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