Sunday, 8 July 2012

Vintage Chair Back Cover Cushion

This is a cushion I made up using what should have been a chair back cover. It is vintage linen which has the design ready traced on and it used to belong to my Grandma at one time. The original pattern was a magazine offer and it gives suggestions on colours and how to embroider it. I did embroider a cushion, also part of this set, see the photo at the bottom, although I did not use the selected colour scheme. I wanted to use a different method for the chair back cover and as I would never use them as chair back covers I thought a cushion would be nice. I have not done any hand embroidery on it. To start with I coloured the flowers and leaves in with Berol fabric pens, but the choice of colours was limited and I've lost the darker green, so the leaves were the done with the lighter green. I then went over parts of the design with free hand machine embroidery. There was a wavy traced line at the lower end for shaping the cover, I used a fancy decorative machine stitch on top of this. I thought the blue traced lines would wash out but they haven't, perhaps vintage ones don't?

below is the cushion I hand embroidered, it took years to do which is one reason why I wanted to do a quicker technique on the cover.


  1. What a pretty pillow. Thanks for dropping by my blog. And good luck with your sketchbook project. I did one of those a couple years ago.


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