Monday, 26 November 2012

Seven Day/One Magazine Challenge

I did these collages for a 7 day/one magazine challenge, that is one collage a day for seven days using the same magazine. Click on the images to enlarge.
I used an old house magazine, unfortunately most of the images were beds or kitchens so I found it a real challenge to make seven collages, some have few images so I painted the backgrounds.
On the top collage I found circular items and collaged them to a painted page. The only images I used on the one below are the bird and bath [nest], also on a painted background.

I found a few more images for this collage, again on a painted background.

Book related images were used on the one below, also a painted background.

Love was the theme for this collage.

I made 'people/creatures' from the images for this one on striped background.

No paint on the one below, just images.

I'm taking part in the Art Every Day for a month challenge too so I hope the above will make up for the missing days.

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