Friday, 2 November 2012

The Blue Book - The final pages

The blue book....cont..
Page 25 [034]
Turquoise ribbed background fabric, spotted ribbons, spotted fabric, painted spotted fabric and paper, disc of textured artwork and stitching [both hand & machine], brads, plastic disc hand stitched in place, sequin with sand, card spot on button.

Page 26 [035]
Turquoise background fabric, layered paper artwork, freehand machine embroidery, beads and sequins, decorated star tag.

Page 27 [036]
Turquoise background fabric, layered paper artwork, screen printed paper, decorative machine embroidery, printed artwork/painted, earring.

Page 28 [037]
Turquoise ribbed background fabric, woven papers - 4 recycled envelopes & 2 artwork, printed tag, buttons, apple button, blue charms, decorative machine embroidery.

Back inside cover [038]
Layered recycled face wipes, painted and stamped. Shisha embroidered stud.


  1. Fantastic pages! I was going to tell you that I loved pages 13, 14, 15, then went back to 2 and I loved that one also very much as well as the back inside cover but there are so many wonderous pages in that book.
    Is that a stamp used on the back inside cover or is it a pattern in the fabric?
    Amazing work!

    1. Thanks Suzy for your lovely comments. The leafy pattern was made with a friskars texture plate.


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