Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Five Wheeled Bicycle, Bags of Tree

I went to Beamish again yesterday and saw this five wheeled bike with baskets, like a penny farthing with four stabilisers. It was probably ridden by a woman wearing long skirts. It looks great but must have been really hard work and the brakes did not look too effective.
Today I went to Durham. I have never seen a Christmas tree like this before, have you? It was made from recycled plastic carry bags. It looked like a heap of rubbish but I have since seen pictures of it lit up and it looked very effective.
I also came across this sculpture called 'The Journey' by Fenwick Lawson

It is a tribute to the story of St.Cuthbert's coffin which went on a long journey from Lindisfarne to Durham in the 10th century.

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