Thursday, 19 December 2013

Who's Crackers?

I made some fabric crackers for when my arty friends came for lunch, I thought they would be good to use as tree decorations. I say crackers but they won't actually crack. I hand painted and stamped the fabric and stitched on some trim at either end. I used a card roll from wrapping paper to wrap/stick the fabric on and then decorated with ribbons, mini fir cones etc. But that is not all - I put small treats inside too as the crackers can be opened up one end, treats removed and refastened.
Sorry about the bad photos, it was fairly dark and I took them in my messy studio.

Inside there was a peg snowman. I painted an old fashioned dolly peg with white paint, made a hat from some packing [foamy] material, used pens to add features and a scrap of fabric for a scarf.

Also a small roll of hand painted washi paper, I used a recycled mini thread reel to wrap it on. A hand made glittery card button, stamp and circle shaped cut outs [from old Christmas cards], stars on a rope [from a string Christmas decoration], a sweet, Christmas themed gold shapes and a reindeer stick on.

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