Friday, 28 February 2014

Button Book - part 3

I used a mix of papers for this, one inkjet [my design], one artwork and the spotty was a found paper. I confess that the buttons aren't really buttons, they are faux buttons made from some recycled round foam [packaging?] and covered with my art work. I did a row of embroidery near the middle and used embroidery to hold two pages together.

On the other side is also a mix of papers, my art work to the left and some found papers to the right. The butterflies and flower paper was from a magazine and the spotty was wrapping paper. I painted a heart doily to go on top. The buttons were created from art work and clear buttons.

On this page is my artwork [stamped paper, I used a handmade rolling stamp], recycled gold Christmas hat, gold textured card, dyed lace and recycled buttons.
Once again stitched around the edges.

I'll start by saying that the colours do not look quite as they do in real life. I have used some painted and textured paper for the background. The lump in the middle is made from plastic and layered then painted [browns and various metallics on top], machine stitched and hand stitched. The buttons are bog standard recycled shirt buttons sewn on with metallic thread. I've couched some braid to the edges of the plastic.

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  1. Four more pages to read. My favourite is p 2 'The Promise of Spring'.


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