Monday, 3 February 2014

Latest Fabric Swatches

Here are my new 15 fabric swatches from Spoonflower.

Quite a few people liked the tea-towel design that I did, so I thought I would do a fabric without the calendar. The colours have come out a bit different, the birds don't stand out as much, it could be the fabric [I ordered Kona cotton this time].
I did another design using just the birds - all in a jumble.

And one with leaves and background without birds.

This one was for the resolutions contest. The words were created by hand with pens. I used stencils and stamps for some of them.

There was a mitten contest, although I didn't enter with this one.
This one was designed for a cheater quilt contest
And some of the fabrics are available as separate yardage in a bigger scale

The honesty plant was inspiration for this fabric
And this one was inspired by the colours on an autumn tree
Bee eater birds were the inspiration behind the next two

I was working on a floral idea for a border print for this one, although this one is part of a full repeating pattern and not a border pattern
All fabrics available at Spoonflower
The bird and leaf designs can be found here
Autumn Trees can be found in the tree collection
Floral designs are here
New Year resolutions is in the miscellaneous collection


  1. I love the bird jumble. Really lovely fabric!

  2. Congratulations! You must feel so happy to see your creations printed on fabric.

  3. What a terrific assortment of cloths you now have! I really like the honesty plant pattern and the leaf assortment swatch as well. Such a wonderful variety.

  4. What fantastic designs. I love the bird jumble and ones with leaves.
    Great to see them printed on fabric!

  5. These are fantastic patterns! I immediately fell in love with bird jumble - on the spot to my taste!


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