Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Corrugated Card Stamp

I've not made a stamp for a while and I saw some curly corrugated card lying around just waiting to be used so I stuck it to a small square of wood.
the stamp

the first print
printing on book pages
printing on printed paper


  1. The stamp is really beautiful in itself! You got a good contrast on the purple fabric with the green and blue paint. Do you use the same paint for both paper and fabric? Does it hold in the wash?

    1. The purple paint on this [it's paper] wouldn't be any good for fabric as it would wash out even though it is dye solution, it has no fixative in it. I have used it for art purposes on fabric when it's not washed but have ended up with coloured hands after handling it a lot. The acrylic paints I used for the stamp would stay in but it can be a bit thick for fabric. But it can be mixed with fabric medium to soften it up a bit.


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