Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Evolon Samples

I've been experimenting with evolon for a possible art quilt.
Evolon is a non-woven microfilament fabric which you can paint, dye, distress, sew, cut, glue and embroider.
Top - I used heat transfer paints on paper and then transferred the image by ironing onto the evolon. The fabric will melt if it gets too hot but I didn't have any melting problems with this sample. I drew some of the decorative marks on afterwards with a fabric pen. 
I dismissed this option for the quilt as I find it very difficult to get an even colour, notice the lighter patches although it's probably my ironing technique and I'm not too sure about the look of it.
Below - Inkjet print. I ironed a piece to freezer paper and used it in the printer. The fabric had been folded and had creases which I tried ironing lightly to remove but as you can see they are still there. It has printed very well but the ink caught on the crease and left some black marks. These are only tiny but it has put me off using the printer in case I ruin it. I would need to print some larger pieces for the quilt so I have dismissed this method for the quilt. You can purchase evolon in sheets for an inkjet, but I purchased yardage.

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  1. nice colorful examples and interesting technique thank you for sharing the art (I think the crease could be seen as a water-ripple.. optionally ;-)) regards, Gerard


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