Thursday, 21 August 2014

Green Bib and Cloth Doll

Another crazy patchwork bib, this one for friend Gill's new grandson. Made with vintage fabrics... one of them I used was leftover from a pram quilt I made my daughter when she was a baby, she's 35 now. What do you think about green for a boy, a change from the usual blue or just not right?
Yesterday we had a fun day at Gill's making cloth dolls, or starting a cloth doll. Gill has made some wonderful dolls so she was sharing her knowledge. This is what I've made so far, a basic head and hands.


  1. I think green is charming for a baby boy - or girl. It should be used more, so well done, Linda!

  2. PLEASE post the pattern for the cloth doll head/hands.... or at least email it to me?

  3. Is there a cloth doll pattern that you used?


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