Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Tast 126, 127 and Handmade Stamps

Tast 126 - Alternating up and down buttonhole stitch
Tast 127 - Beaded alternating up and down buttonhole stitch
Stitched on handmade paper which is orange do you believe? I took the photo in a different room to the one I normally use but it is the same paper as I used for the last Tast stitches I've shown.

Handmade stamps from junk.

I used a used nail buffer like the one on the left and some corrugated card as shown to make a stamp. I just used double sided sticky tape to cover all the sides with the card, then painted them with acrylic paint which was quite messy as I painted all the sides while the paint was still wet.
The grooves face a different way on each side.
It looks a lot better once I painted over it with inks.

For the second stamp I used an old key which I glued to an old thread reel.

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  1. You have completed your TAST homework long before me. Good show.
    Fantastic stamps. I love the key and thread reel version!


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