Thursday, 29 January 2015

Badger Picture

The badger picture is finished. He's at the entrance of his set, a hole in a large tree surrounded by all kinds of flowers and vegetation. I first drew this badger in a sketchbook for the 'sketchbook project' which is now at the Brooklyn Art Library, USA.
I used inktense pencils to colour with, you can add water to make into ink but I decided to leave them dry. I used a second coat on top of the first to add a bit more colour. The picture was drawn onto canvas fabric and after giving it a couple of coats of fixative I wrapped it around a ready made canvas frame. Size 20"x 16"


  1. I hope this lovely picture will decorate the walls of your own home, as there is a version in the US already. Or can you send it to the National Gallery?

  2. love it Linda! still busy I see! :-)


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