Monday, 26 January 2015


I was having a bit of a sort out the other day and came across these which I made in 2012. They are coasters, an experiment. I collaged papers to a spare bit of vinyl flooring I had and topped with acrylic wax. I put them away because cups were sticking to them so when you picked a cup up the coaster came too. Well I've tried them again and they don't seem so bad after all this time.

I used an old map for this one, I used to live in Durham.
I coloured the edge with a stamp pad.
Some of the vinyl flooring had a pattern with squares of the right size. I didn't go right to the edge with the decoupage for these six coasters, I used the flooring pattern as edging.

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  1. So the acrylic wax has hardened now? The coasters are beautiful and I guess if you serve a clear drink (water or straight gin) in a clear glass, the drink will have a beautiful colour (if looked at from the top).


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