Monday, 21 November 2016

Cut Works Book - Pages 1-6

Another sketchbook I have recently finished is to keep a copy of my designs that I created for use with my cutting machine. [MKN Zing Air]. Most of the designs were created on my tablet then transferred to the computer. I've used different kinds of paper, card, and the odd bit of fabric. Some didn't cut too well [learning curve] but I've still included some of them for reference. Sometimes the design was at fault, sometimes the settings.

If you don't know what a cutter looks like, here is a picture of mine. It works like a plotter.

I've also finished another blanket - made from some old machine knitted samples stitched to a fleece blanket. It's a bit of a mix match but will be handy.

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  1. Cut-outs on a background so you see the design clearly are always striking.
    I've never seen a cutting machine; it looks very sleek and compact, and obviously is good at its job.
    Interesting blanket. Did you knit those aeroplanes?


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