Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Handmade Sketchbook - Pages 8-15

I used one of my round cutouts as a stencil.

The rabbit cut out is not my design. I filled the spaces with Glossy Accents.

The trouble with painting on envelopes is that the paint bleeds thru.

 I used the cut out from a greetings card as a stencil for this tree.
Handmade sketchbook.
Mixed media.
Painted, stamped, art work and inkjet prints of art work. Drawings. Cut work. Stencils.
 Reused envelopes, book pages, recycled greetings cards, waste from cutting machine, sequins
Glossy Accents [Inkssentials]

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  1. The rabbit picture is a visual trick - I can also see two (slightly distorted) elephants!
    The two last pages are very suitable for the holiday season, Christmas with a tree and shiny illumination at night...


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