Sunday, 4 March 2018

Melted Pastel Painting

I had some cheap nasty waxy oil pastels that I didn't like to draw with so I thought I would melt them over a canvas. I used a heat tool and held them individually with some tea bag tongs.
Which way up?
I liked the colours but thought it wasn't quite right so I melted more and spread the melted wax over bare bits of canvas with an old paintbrush.
A close up
I still wasn't sure about it. Then I remembered that I've got a melting pot. I put a few similar colour pastels in at once to melt then poured over the canvas.
Either way up.
Close ups.

Still not sure but the pastels are all gone apart from black.

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  1. You have given new value to some cheap and nasty wax crayons. What unique and fantastic art! I like every stage of the design, but the last result is really great.


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