Thursday, 8 March 2018

Quilting/Patchwork Fabric Book

I wanted to make something with some of my quilting and patchwork samples but as they are all so different I didn't think they would go together. I made another book instead and it's not the best book I've ever made but it keeps the samples together. There are a few samples that I didn't use so I may make something with those one day.
The Q and P were cut from a hand quilted sample which had been painted.
Top - Somerset patchwork.
Bottom - Court House Steps [thanks Queeniepatch for reminding me what it is called]
I think I did this one for a cushion originally, but ....
Top - Applique on log cabin patchwork [plus an extra thread which I didn't notice when I took the photo]
Bottom - English paper piecing, hand stitched [it must be old, the stitches are tiny lol]
Top - Log cabin patchwork
Triangle - Embroidered, slashed, layered, stuffed, frayed
Crazy patchwork
Suffolk puffs with dyed fabrics, beaded, string
Shadow quilting
Log Cabin patchwork
Top - Italian quilting or Corded quilting
Bottom - Trapunto or stuffed quilting [painted]
Hand quilting
Top left - Patchwork
Top right - painted or stamped flower, hand stitched
Bottom - layered, machine stitched
Art Quilt - texture paint, paint, hand stitching, machine stitching

I thought I had used all my old embroidery samples in fabric books but I found some more today so there may be another book one day.

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  1. You have a great collection there!
    Is the second block Court House Steps?
    The stripes in the EPP match perfectly, too, you must have spent a long time making tiny stitches and matching the lines.
    I like the Log Cabin with appliqué.


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