Monday, 21 June 2010

Alliums and Sky

We went to London, just for a night to visit our daughter who lives there and on Sunday we went to Greenich Park. In a garden at the Royal Observatory there was a lovely display of alliums, I've never seen so many of these beauties together [with an equal number of bees].
On the way home the sky was amazing, with lots of beautiful patterns. The pictures were taken in a moving car through a dirty window, so they are not the best quality. Trees and the like kept getting in the way so I didn't get the ultimate shot. The lower right hand side in the photograph below looked like a monster about to gobble something up.

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  1. beautiful...I'm always amazed by the sky, especially the sunset. I stop, admire, ponder, reflect and the emotions run on with a bit of sadness that I can't freeze the whole picture coz' the time is ticking and I know I can observe it only in another new day...


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