Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Embroidered Vintage Cards

My daughter is getting married in August and as she likes vintage cards I thought I could embroider fabric prints for wedding invites. The original card is above- lower right. I tried different fabrics, some look terrible - the printer wasn't working too well anyway [they like to be used often or the heads dry up] and it just did not like printing on the fabric at all. I think I got one almost perfect print from all that I did. In fact it longer to print one than to embroider it. Some have come out with lines and some with black blobs or patches. Because they took so long to print I thought I would use them to experiment and embroider the flowers in different colourways and different thicknesses of thread to see which we preferred. But in the end I attached them to card and used them, they didn't look too bad when they were on the card. Prints of them [the pinks & lilacs with yellow] looked good too.

The printer is working much better now. If I don't use it every other day I try to remember switch it on so that it goes through its cycle [then switch off], it seems to keep the heads working.

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  1. These are beautiful! So much work, I thought my invitations were a lot of work!!
    Were all those flowers done as french knots? I can't get a close enough view.


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