Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Art Quilt Update

The textured circle above is made from string which was painted. I threaded the string thru a very large eyed needle and made a raised spiders web wheel stitch, or whipped wheel. Some perle thread stitching was also added together with beads.
The picture below is a bit bleary, but the flowers are some lovely pale peachy coloured sequins stitched onto plastic canvas [maybe rug canvas?] before being applied to the quilt.
Can you tell what the discs below are made from?
Spiders web seem to be the thing at the moment.
I have actually done a lot more to the quilt since I took these photos, & I have very sore fingers today. Not only is the fabric quite stiff in places from the paint but I keep stabbing myself with large pins or the needles and I have lots of little cuts from clearing up a broken bottle that broke into smithereens which contained wine [sob! what a waste] which was going all over the place. Me being clumsy I'm afraid & I hadn't had a drink either.


  1. Hi, are the little discs fish scales? If so, how clever.
    Sorry to hear about your fingers, I have some at the moment from tiny cracks at the edge of the nails from not using enough hand cream in the cold weather here.

    Love your work it is great I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Thanks Shirley. The discs are actually cut from DVD's [rescued from the bin], the ones with a purple tinge to them. Then I put holes around the edges with a bradawl.


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