Friday, 17 December 2010

Bird's new accessories & Illustration Friday & Sketchbook Project [56-59]

I saw a cute bird in a shop with a Christmas hat & scarf, but I didn't buy it. I made the hat and scarf for the birds I have already got. They are made from sparkly felt & fur fabric. My plan was simple - just glue together, but it just would not stay together so I ended up stitching it. I didn't have any fur balls so I just cut circles, one on each side of the felt.
Below is my picture for Illustration Friday, the theme this week is mail. I had already started this picture for The Sketchbook Project, "Below the surface" .. of the mail bag. One page is a collage of found images and the other is a drawing/painting with added found text. The flap on the bag lifts up to reveal a collection of mini envelopes, drawn, cut out and collaged. Picture below.

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