Friday, 3 December 2010

TAST 39,40 & Icicles

I thought these icicles on a shrub in my garden looked really pretty.
The Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge for weeks 39 & 40 are the same stitch done in a different way. It is called Buttonhole Picot Stitch, normally done on an edge. I was having a few problems to start with but I think it was the fabric I was using,it was very creased & layered. I didn't like this stitch a great deal to start with, it looked a bit like I had gone wrong & ended up with a knot in the thread, it has grown on me a little. After my initial problems I thought I would use aida fabric to keep the buttonhole stitch even ... doh...I still veered off onto a different row. The sample on aida below is the stitch worked with bullion stitch bobble [39] and the one underneath is worked using chain stitches [40]. I accidentally deleted my full page view of week 39. On the chain stitch version I followed the flowers on the fabric, that is why the buttonhole stitching is uneven on that one. 

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