Thursday, 9 December 2010

Printers Drawers / Button Drawers

I love drawers, little drawers and I got these a few weeks ago. They are not the best wood but I varnished them and I think they have come up a treat. I love the insides, they are printers drawers, it's what they keep their alphabet letters in. I've been collecting buttons for donkey's years and that is what I am keeping in them now, sorted into colours. Most of the buttons are from old clothes or spares that you get with new clothes. I probably won't use the buttons that often, but I like looking at them. Some of the photos are a bit bleary, I seem to move the camera as I press the button and I probably delete as many as I keep!


  1. These drawers are to dye for! I can't tell you how many people like us who create would love to get a set of these! Just perfect for all those little bits which is what we all use from buttons,to threads, beads, brads, ephemera of all sorts. What fun! and as you say they are just gorgeous to look at!

  2. oh, I've always wanted a set of these drawers! You're so lucky!

  3. Wow! I am in awe of your button collection! I love buttons & have mine in jars colour coded & I even have a button tattoo!


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