Friday, 14 January 2011

The Sketchbook Challenge

Well I posted off my Sketchbook Project book and now I've started a new one for The Sketchbook Challenge.
The theme for the month is Highly Prized and this is my drawing. [The farmer with his highly prized pigs]
Since the holidays I have been finding it hard to knuckle down to something, I keep doing bits of things here & there so I'm hoping doing this book will get me into gear. Click on image to make it bigger.


  1. I love the sketch! You're good at it. Do I see a pig that has been collaged into the page?

  2. Thank you Sue & Donna. Yes Donna, you do see a collaged pig, well spotted.

  3. Love your sketch. I joined in this group too and Feb. is a different one to say the least. Highly prized was a fun one.


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