Friday, 7 January 2011

The Sketchbook Project [24,25,86,87]

More pages from my moleskine for 'The Sketchbook Project'
"Below the surface"  ..... of the sea
On the pages above I used paints - watercolours, metallic acrylics, an ink jet print [trawler], the net is a fruit net. The fish are collaged & I have used painted papers for them - I used a fish skeleton punch and stuck the skeleton shapes to other decorated papers and then cut fish shapes out.
 Below - the pages had a coating of acrylic wax and I used a sharpie, watercolours, brush pens and felt tips. I sent my sketchbook off today to America and I have mixed feelings about it as I had grown quite attached to it. Well at least I have scanned the pictures of it even though I can't actually turn the pages of the book.


  1. Your sketchbook is really great,
    your pages are stand alone wonderful!

  2. Love what you have done, mine went last week and I was both relieved and sad to see it go.


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