Thursday, 12 April 2012

Doreen's Gift and Handmade Books

I received a gift of recycled envelopes from Doreen of Creative Meanderings all the way from Australia. The insides of the envelopes from down under seem much more decorative than in the UK, just look at some of these lovely patterns - Thanks Doreen, they are much appreciated. I will be using them for collage and book making - I have plans to make a book similar to one below.

Today I attended a workshop of book making given by Vicki. Thanks Vicki for an enjoyable day.
First we made a flag book which has an accordion spine, the flag pages are stuck to the folds.

Then we made another type of book [I cannot remember what this one is called]. All the pages are put inside one another then they are stitched together. The pages are art work, envelopes, printed work and plain sheets, the cover was made from art work.

The third book we made. For this one, the pages are grouped in three's and stitched together. I used plain papers for this, white and cream. The cover was made from art work - a rolling stamp design.


  1. Great little books Lin and I am glad that you liked the envelopes.

  2. Super jealous of your envelopes & your books look fab! The second one is a pamphlet book, the third looks great all finished and sewn up!
    My final one is folded & ready to have its spine stitched... maybe I'll get round to it before I next see you or maybe not :-D

  3. These really turned out great.


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