Monday, 2 April 2012

The Giant Egg [TAW] and Dog Collages

I did this digital collage with Easter in mind, but I've just seen the challenge on Take a Word which is 'eggs', so my giant egg picture will suit that too.
The images of the egg, rabbits, birds, butterfly, insect and nest were all from The Graphics Fairy. [the rabbit family is so cute]. The background is one of my photos taken in a local wood, there is a big hole under the tree amongst the roots.
Click on pictures to enlarge.
Below - collages - the backgrounds are painted with watercolours, the images were found.


  1. Love it very very much Lin! Bravo!!

  2. Love the giant egg collage..though the rabbits look a bit scared of it!

  3. The puppies cards are fun as well the giant egg piece. That rabbit family looks very happy with their new member :)

  4. Love this creative art- so full of Easter spirit!

  5. Wonderful work and so much fun!


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