Monday, 9 April 2012

TAST 14 and Whitework Tablecloth

Take a Stitch Tuesday - the stitch for week 14 is Satin Stitch. This is not one of my favorite stitches, I find it hard to make it look neat. I've used it on the sample above in various places and also for couching. This will be another page for the fabric journal. As well as satin stitch there is running stitch, dyed lace, transfer printed ribbon and lace, decorated paper tag, plastic ruler, ribbon, applique. The background fabric was a sample of patterned upholstery fabric. Click on the images to enlarge.
The small whitework tablecloth below was made years ago for a City and Guilds project which included lots of satin stitch. It can look fairly neat on an evenweave fabric like this.


  1. Beautiful whitework! oh... :) I'm still dreaming to create something like this... :)
    (you've got 100 readers! )

  2. This is just wonderful embroidery I love it! How great to have the patients to do this just exquisite!

  3. I am not a fan of Satin stitch either.I still haven't done the sample from the first TAST in 2007.


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