Wednesday, 16 May 2012


The stitch this week is Bullion knot stitch and I have just realised I have missed off the word 'knot' on the ribbon tag. The background is screen printed fabric, the house is hand painted/stamped and appliqued [with plastic windows] then hand stitched onto the background. There is also some patterned fabrics, dyed lace, beads and an altered art button [see yesterdays post]. My plan was to stitch the button on with bullion stitch but it was not possible. I've used bullions for the tree, the flowers, the smoke from the chimney and on the ribbon tag.

Another page done for the fabric journal. This is what I have so far, when I hold them together they seem fat enough for a journal, so I am thinking of sewing them up. Or maybe doing a cover and adding two more TAST stitch pages to the inside covers. Click on the pictures to enlarge.


  1. Hi Linda, Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I like your creations too. Best to you and Art On !

  2. I love your sampler, Linda! The bullions came out great. I also like what you did with those buttons in last blog post. I gotta try that sometime!

  3. Another of your stunning cards!

  4. lovely work.

  5. I love your little tree also......Great minds think alike !
    love and hugs
    chris richards


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