Sunday, 20 May 2012

Tick Tock, Altered Clock

Not everything always goes to plan and one example of that which I have decided to share with you, is this clock which was originally a plain white plastic clock which I wanted to alter. My plan was to to decorate the sides with crackle paint, but I found that the bottle had dried up. So instead I used acrylic paints and cling film. I tend to use cling film over and over again for altered books as I think anything extra it picks up adds to the texture. However I didn't want it on the clock, I just wanted it white - too bad, I got extra colours. I sanded it too to make it look distressed and one side now looks OK. For the face I combined two pictures, a clock face and another lovely picture, both from The Graphics Fairy. I placed it onto the clock and replaced the hands but found that the paper moved so I decided to glue it in place. Bad move - it crinkled up and looked awful so I had to remove it. I then thought I would print onto a transparency, just a pretty picture and use the existing clock face on the actual clock. This I painted but it came out a lot pinker than I was expecting, I was going for an aged looking brown. After printing the transparency looked strange, it appears that the black ink did not work so I just got the coloured part, which I accidentally smudged when it was still wet. After sorting out the printer I did another different picture on top of the last one just to see if it worked and it did. I re-assembled the clock and guess what - it still works- amazing! I could re-do the clock but it is just hanging in my work room so I am not sure I can be bothered. But it is possible to alter a clock, so if you have a boring old clock that needs a spruce up - go for it. If you need some lovely images The Graphics Fairy blog can be found here.

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