Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Finished - Monochrome Handmade Book

The monochrome book completed. 
It is a concertina style book. All the pages have been stitched together back to back with a layer of interfacing in the middle and joined one to another.
All the pages are 4" x 4", mixed media - such as paint, stamped, embroidery, stitched, found objects, collage.

There are ribbons either side to keep it together when not in use.

I decided to stitch clear plastic on the outer pages with the machine but the but it puckered up a little.

I tried hand sewing the plastic on the front but it still puckered and looks untidy, quite difficult to do with it being made up. I was going to leave it without plastic but the M bead came off, it was in my bag and I caught it on something. The beads stick out a bit I thought it may be more secure with the plastic on.


  1. This is a really cool little book of art! There are a lot of great little works in it!


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