Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Take a stitch Tuesday 62 - Raised Cross Stitch Flower.
A new stitch for me. I did the flowers in cotton perle first and thought it needed something else and I remembered I had some silk ribbons. When I found the ribbon I also found various lilac threads and one of them was like a chenille, so I used that instead. Some of the flowers look quite square-ish rather than round but I suppose real flowers are not all perfect either. I've also done a chain stitch stalk, some pink fly stitch [I thought afterwards that this was the wrong colour pink but I left in anyway] and stitch on some tiny square sequins. The background fabrics are hand painted and stamped, the lace is hand painted and stitched on - backstitch and little sequins.


  1. Nice work! The purple is so beautifully balanced, and the small sequins add a lot of pizzazz.

  2. oh, Linda!! this is wonderful spring piece!! lovely colors and stitching! so interesting looking!

  3. Beautiful stitching and the background fabric sets the flowers off so nicely.


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