Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Penshaw and Pamphlet Book Revisited [pages 27-38]

It was a lovely sunny warm day today so we went for a walk/climb up to Penshaw monument. You can see for miles all around on a clear day. The photo below shows the view over Herrington Park.

More pages from the pamphlet book.
Flower people.
Inside the pocket is a postcard. 
I decorated the plain side by pulling a layer of the card off in places and scoring it with a knife, then I painted with watercolours.

Below - the left side was a test print on the inkjet, I've painted it and collaged with a found picture of daffodils and some plastic
 A textured postcard

I used recycled wrapping paper for the postcard above and the other side below
The bowl of fruit is a found image

Call for entries - these were cut from a magazine
I used a kids stencil book for the shapes on the card below.


  1. Oh! penshaw Monument. they chose a lovely place for that and it's been years (like 15 years?) since I've seen it. Now I just want to sing 'The Lambton Worm'.

    Your pages are so inventive. I like the flower people!

    1. Thanks Rhissanna. Did you used to live in the North East or just visiting 15 years ago?

    2. I lived there until I was 20, near Ashington. I still have friends and family thee, so I used to go regularly. Lovely places. I'd like Hubby to see them.


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