Thursday, 21 November 2013

Knitted Blanket

I think the last blanket I blogged about was about 2 years ago..... anyway continuing from then, this is another blanket made from swatches. Many years ago I used to design motif patterns for home machine knitters and these are some of the test swatches. I no longer have the machines, so I no longer knit, but motifs seem to be back in fashion. The swatches on this blanket were made on a single bed machine which means there were loose threads at the back on the repeat patterns so I attached the swatches to a fleece blanket with stitching. I've also embroidered most of the edges of the swatches with stitches like raised chain band, chain stitch, fly stitch etc to try and neaten them up a bit.

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  1. A most original blanket! With a fleece backing it must be really warm and cosy.


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