Monday, 18 November 2013

Small Zipped Pouches

Two more small pouches, these have zip fastenings.
On the top one I have used some hand printed fabric, this was hand printed onto vintage spotty fabric. I made a texture printing plate from some ready cut foam flowers found in a kiddies craft pack - ie stick them to cardboard, I blogged about it in May. I hand embroidered parts of the fabric.
The pouch below is made up of vintage fabrics and crazy patchwork. I was giving my sister a lesson [the blind leading the blind is the expression that comes to mind] on crazy patchwork - I pinned and she stitched. I think I am improving my technique.


  1. Very nicely sewn little pouches and your hand printed fabric looks great. Really like the blue flowers.

  2. What a great idea very cute I like the patchwork.


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