Monday, 3 March 2014

Button Book -part 5

On the background is some painted tissue-like paper over music [which doesn't show up very well], printed 'backwards' text, and an ATC. The ATC is painted vilene, hand embroidery and art buttons.

The background for this one is a recycled altered photo which didn't print very well, but I liked it anyway. Layered with dyed laces, hand embroidery and wooden buttons.

This one is layers of recycled envelopes, hand embroidery and art buttons.

This page was an acrylic painting on canvas paper. The yellow sun button is card stitched on with a decorative stitch.


  1. Backward text - that will take some time to read. Good brain exersise!
    How many pages do you make in a day, you are so productive. This time I love the crisp blue one of recycled envelopes.


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