Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Button Book - part 7

This page is made up of an art background with hand made washi tape strips on the top. I used vintage buttons which I applied with embroidery. Stitched around the edges.

This is one of my digitally altered photos I created a few years ago and the button is an art button I created with a recycled envelope. Stitched around the edges.

Painted and stamped using handmade stamps and painted doily. Various art buttons - I used inkjet and laser prints. Stitched around the edges.

The back cover - painted, stamped, outlined. There are no real buttons on the back.


  1. Enjoying this - great idea!

  2. You are so right in what you wrote about the linings of envelopes - the prints are interesteing. The button you made from such paper is very stylish. It could well be high fashion.

  3. These are great too. I think I have some of the star buttons and know I had some checked ones-like minds.

  4. I love all the colours you use and the button fixing on pictures 1 - 3 are gorgeous.


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