Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Button Book - part 6

The background was an inkjet print on glossy paper which I have had in a drawer for ages. I did some experiments on it with a liquid, water I think. It is also upside down, by mistake. I used vintage text for the art button.

More vintage images for these buttons and a thread wrapper. A painted receipt and squared paper with painted lace on top. Ribbon was applied and an image from a magazine was stitched to the background.

An inkjet print of some artwork [do you remember the A4 art quilt? - this was the original drawing for it]. I made the carrot buttons from card.

A giant button made from covered card.


  1. More great pages-love the carrot buttons. We have rabbits.

  2. I like your stacked giant button card. Psychedelic!


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