Wednesday, 3 September 2014

WIP Doll and Painted Fabric

WIP - Doll. I used stitching to make shapes on her face such as her nose although it came out a little lopsided. I then painted her face with inktense pencils and aquamarkers. The red thing surrounding her is not a hoody, it was a pocket on my sewing machine cover which I used to keep her upright.

I found an old piece of painted fabric which I started to embellish.
One of the stitches I used was TAST 110, rope stitch.

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  1. A real nose is often loop sided so you have created a realistic face. Beautiful eyes! Red would be a good colour for her clothes, hat or hair.
    The stitching on your painted fabric is very clear and show off the stitches beautifully.

  2. the doll is interestingly pretty. stitches on the painted fabric look lovely.


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