Monday, 22 September 2014

Wood Nymph Doll

I finished my cloth doll about a week or so ago. Been waiting for a bright day to take photos.
The pattern I used for the doll body was Anastasia from the Jane Horrox book - An introduction to making cloth dolls.

For the body, arms and legs I dyed the fabric with spray on color wash by Adirondack (pesto and butterscotch). Then I applied freehand machine embroidery to the arms and legs. I used filmoplast instead of using an embroidery frame which made it easy to embroider, but it made it more difficult when I came to stitching the limbs onto the body because it was very hard to get a needle through. I probably shouldn't have embroidered right to the edge.

I used layers of organza for her outfit and decorated with beads.

I used a feather boa for her hair and I coloured a small fascinator for a hat. The fascinator I found in the pound shop. I already had a little chair that she sits nicely on.

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  1. I love everything about his lady! She has such a great dress sense, those sleeves and leggings, all the organza and the stylish hat. Her feathery hair and those pointed ears... Wonderful work, Linda! I am sure you had a great time making this doll.


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