Tuesday, 19 October 2010

How to make an easy Skeleton Stamp

I bought a packet of 'Nasty Bugs' from the PoundShop which included skeletons - above left.  To make the stamp I drew around it on fun foam {funky foam} & then cut it out with little scissors. I also cut out a few holes for ribs. I stuck it to some flat polystyrene with double sided sticky tape [I think I used carpet tape {it was to hand} & was very sticky] I didn't cut round the tape too - I just shook a little talcum powder over the sticky bits after attaching the foam to the poystyrene. I painted the stamp with acrylic paints & when dry painted the background with inks.

If you don't have a plastic skeleton, trace/copy a picture from a book, just the basic outline & not too many details.


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