Monday, 4 October 2010

Rolled Paper Picture

When I was photographing something in my studio last week I noticed this picture on my studio wall which I did a while ago, but I feel it is missing something...beads perhaps? I think if you hang things on a wall that you are not sure about and look at it from time to time an idea usually comes along to improve it. I have tried various paint effects but I still wasn't sure.
It was made from 2 recycled canvas pictures, the canvases were cheap and not very nice [although the pictures on them were not too bad]. I cut one of the canvases from the frame to the centre and then stuck both canvases together to make a deep well in the centre. I covered the whole lot with paper, creased to add texture. For the centre I  rolled strips of newspaper, lots of them as you can see and then glued them in place. The whole lot was painted several times with a final coat of metallic gold. [It looks more goldy than the picture shows] But it still needs something else....

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  1. Lin, I see putting some glue in the spaces round the circular pieces and putting chopped up threads down on it. If you used beads, and the piece is gold now, what about silver or glass beads.

    It is a great piece now, as is. Or could you just use a cloth with paint on it and just wipe it over the highest surfaces, and then get a clean cloth and rub off any excess


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