Monday, 25 October 2010

Mixed Bag - Embroidery, manipulated fabric, scraper board

Today I'm posting a collection of oldies.
The above is a cover on a book, it is fabric which has been hand painted then hand embroidered. Below is a sample I did for C&G embroidery - an experimental piece manipulating fabric. { I don't think the photo does it any favours}

 The bird picture was done on a scraper board [scratch art] using a metal tool.


  1. Do you ever sleep Lin, I can't imagine you have time to with all your wonderful projects*!*

  2. I just love old embroideries, and particularly love the manipulated fabric...I can see water trickling and washing through a rocky that has layers which have evolved over hundreds of years. Does that sound as though I have a weird imagination. This would be wonderful in the colours of the australian desert gorges

    great work

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments ladies. I'm glad you told me what you could 'see' in the manipulated piece shirley, it was meant to be rocks etc but now I can see the water too, you've brought it back to life for me, I'd forgotten what it was all about.


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