Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wedding Photo Album Covers

I've been away for a few days, first to London to see my daughter and new hubby and to give them the wedding photo albums I have done for them. The original plan was to make a book from scratch but I decided against the idea as I'm fairly new to making books so I purchased a couple of albums and covered them. The large one, above, I covered up to the spine area and the smaller album goes all around the album. The large one has an embroidered print [printed on fabric thru the inkjet printer], a padded embroidered heart and three strips of lace down one side. I've embroidered french knots along this. It came with a box to keep it clean.

The smaller album was a transfer print onto fabric. The picture was made up of the original invitations, the place tags, lace, a book, and stamped images. I also made a plastic cover for this one.

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  1. Very beautiful! They will be thrilled to receive this gorgeous work from you!


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