Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Boats - Collage, Rolling Stamps 72-75

A recent visitor said she quite often has problems with my blog freezing up and not behaving and I was wondering if anyone else has had problems too?

Pages from sketchbook 15, all about boats, sea etc
The boat above has been painted on fabric and a stitched outline. I attached the fabric to the page with stitching after I ripped the page out of the book, then reattached the page with hand stitches.
Below is a collage of vintage postcards and a found image. I removed the card backing from the photo by soaking it in water and then peeling off. It doesn't always work to well, hence the ragged look.

A visitor said she quite often has problems with my blog freezing up
Rolling Stamps 72-75
I've used textured wallpaper for all of these, some are the same wallpapers but different sections of it.
See my article in Cloth Paper Scissors about making rolling stamps, free download here


  1. Hi Lin, I also have problems whenever I visit your blog - it always freezes, I have to wait ages before it opens and even now typing this comment, there is a time delay before what I type appears on screen. It's because of these problems that I don't visit your blog as often as i'd like to. I often see your posts in my dashboard and really want to visit but just know how difficult and time consuming it'll be - as it also freezes up other tabs I have open on my computer.

    Even while typing this comment, half way through the whole page jumped and I had to wait a few minutes to scroll the comments box up again.

    I hope you can get it sorted out Lin - have you seen this page on the Blogger help section


    Now I am here, I can admire your lovely artwork, I love the stitched boat and the textured wallpaper prints are amazing!

    Hope to visit again soon - and Happy New Year to you xx

  2. Whatever you did to your blog worked Lin as it loaded almost immediately, the words are appearing as I type them, I'll see what happens when I press publish and will email you.


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