Saturday, 21 January 2012

Tiger Book [C&G]

This is an old sketchbook in the shape of a tiger's head I did for a City & Guild's embroidery project. I painted the fabric, embroidered it, cut out some thick card in the shape of the head,  then covered the card with padding as well as the painted fabric. I made a cord to keep the book and pages together. Inside I kept research for the project about tigers and markings. The research was for a fitted [?!] cover for a sofa bed.

This was another sketchbook with samples of painted fabrics for the same project. I made the finished sofa bed cover out of a pair of recycled velvet curtains.


  1. Love the tiger head book, what a good idea. Could have been a finished piece in itself.
    I recycled or threw most of my C&G stuff away when we moved a few years back, have a few bits left but wish I had kept the rest now.

  2. What a treasure to keep, Lins, brilliant art on your blog since my last visit - very inspiring!


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