Sunday, 22 January 2012

Moo [TAW] and Twirl [IF]

Take a word challenge - Moo. I've not done a 'moo' before, I thought it was something to do with a cow but evidently not. It is a little card which measures 1.10 x 2.80 inches. The skirt, legs and blouse are from a vintage sewing book I have, the arm[s] was from, the head and the background were from Karen Whimsy
Illustration Friday challenge - Twirl 

The original shown below was a brush pen doodle which I altered in for the twirl challenge.


  1. Love the moo, and the two backgrounds are FANTASTIC!

  2. que belo...
    seu trabalho é inspirador!
    eu acabei não fazendo por não entender!

  3. Lovely Moo Lin (is it your name?)!
    I love also your wonderful BG!

  4. You have created your first Moo, and an amazing one it is too. Love it.

  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments

  6. Wonderful moo and other images

  7. Both are wonderful pieces of art. The first is a very classy version of vintage art, and I love the colors and design of the second.


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