Friday, 6 January 2012

Transfer Printed Doodle Ribbons

A friend gave me a roll of paper a while ago, looks a bit like a till roll but I don't know if it was one. Anyway  I thought I would use it to transfer print some ribbon. I have a few different kinds of transfer crayons such as the ones shown in the above photograph. Most ribbons are ideal for transfer printing as they are made from man made fibres which is the kind of fabric you need for the most successful transfer prints. The colours always look different to the actual crayons. I used the roll of paper for the wide ribbon but for the narrow I just used a slice cut from a sheet of inket printer paper [don't use thick paper, the thinner the better]. After drawing your doodle on the paper, iron it onto the ribbon.
Crayons being quite fat, you'll not get delicate looking patterns, but you would not find any like these in a shop!

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  1. What an excellent idea! I've never tried those crayons but they look like fun, & I have a thing for ribbons... :-)


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